Layflat Hose Couplers — Selection Tips To Remember

If you need to connect multiple layflat hoses together, you'll need to invest in a coupler. There are many for sale, but if you approach this investment with strategy, you can make a sound selection that works out great.

Assess the Threads of Your Hoses

Before you order couplers to connect layflat hoses together, you need to analyze their threads. They will be a particular size and have a specific pattern. You need to account for these details to find a coupler that fits perfectly. 

You can perform a quick thread assessment in person, making a note of the aforementioned thread characteristics. Then you just need to make sure your coupler selection is compatible. Not only will this lead to a smooth setup, but it will also ensure no ends of the layflat hoses are able to leak when you run water or another fluid through them.

Focus on Couplers That Have Been Tested Extensively

Once you figure out what type of coupler to get for connecting two layflat hoses together, it's important to find a coupler manufacturer that puts all of their products through extensive testing. You need to verify the coupler will hold up and provide a tight seal after all.

Couplers that have been routinely tested and improved upon will be a great investment, considering you'll have proof the coupler's designs and materials are optimal. You may just need to find a coupler manufacturer that has been around for a while and thus has plenty of tests to support their coupler products.

Take Time to Figure Out What Material is Best

The material that your layflat hose coupler is made of is something you want to figure out. You have plenty of options, including steel, aluminum and even plastic materials. What material falls within your budget and will give you the best value?

Maybe it's plastic because you won't have to worry about the coupler rusting over time. Or you might be better off with steel because of how durable this material is. Then you can avoid structural damage with the coupler. Just decide on a material that you can trust the most.

In order to connect two layflat hoses together to form one long hose, you'll need a coupler. Finding the perfect one isn't hard. All you need to do really is look at the hoses you need to connect and then go after relevant coupler features.