Why You Should Have Multiple Bandsaw Blades On Hand

Whether you use a bandsaw in your woodworking shop at home, or if you use it for commercial or industrial jobs, you will probably want to keep at least a few different bandsaw blades on hand. If you're wondering why you need to have multiple bandsaw blades on hand, consider these reasons. 

Different Blades Work Well for Different Purposes

First of all, even though you might be able to use just one bandsaw blade for a few different types of cutting jobs, the truth is that different blades usually work well for different purposes. A standard blade is usually best for cutting thin or delicate materials, for example, and it's usually going to be your best choice when you're cutting out tight curves. A wider blade is usually best for resawing jobs, and a carbide-tooth blade is usually the best blade to use when you are cutting exotic wood. 

Blades Don't Usually Cost Too Much

If you think you have to spend a lot of money to purchase multiple different bandsaw blades, you will probably be happy to find that many blades — including well-made blades — are often quite affordable. Of course, when buying multiple blades, it pays to shop around for a parts and tools supplier that sells bandsaw blades for a reasonable price, of course, if you are hoping to keep costs down.

Blades Can Wear Out Over Time

Even well-made bandsaw blades can begin to wear out when you use them over and over. This is especially true when you're using them a lot for commercial or industrial use, but it's even the case when you use them regularly for personal use at home, too. By having extras on hand, you will be prepared to swap out your bandsaw blades when necessary due to wear and tear.

Using Sharp Blades Is Always Safest

As is the case when you are working with pretty much any type of saw or cutting equipment, you should keep in mind the fact that using sharp blades is almost always the safest. Although using a well-made bandsaw with all of the best safety features and following proper use and safety practices when using the bandsaw can help, keeping extra blades on hand so that you can always make sure that you are using a good, sharp blade is yet another thing that you can do if you are dedicated to using your bandsaw in the safest way possible.

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