Helpful Tips When Purchasing a Pulling Unit for Well Operations

Pulling units are used a lot in the industrial field where wells are involved. They can help facilitate workover projects in a safe, efficient manner. If you need to purchase one for your work site, these tips can help you make a solid investment.

Choose a Condition

A huge factor to assess in the beginning when buying this type of heavy machinery is figuring out what condition of machinery to get. If you simply want to save as much money as possible, used pulling units are your best bet. They're cost-effective and can still work out great. You'll just need to assess the used rig's condition carefully, which you can do by having it professionally inspected.

If you want to save yourself the hassle of a thorough inspection, then new pulling units may be the better option. They'll be in pristine condition and work just as advertised so long as they don't have defects from manufacturers. Assess these options, and do what's best for your budget.

Test Pulling Units in Person

Whether you're buying new or used pulling units, it's highly recommended to test different models out in person. You can then get a feel for how each operates and then make a more informed selection overall. Find a pulling unit supplier, and see if they can put out some machines for you to test for a little while. 

You may have to sign a waiver and provide proof of insurance before operating these machines. Once you get the go-ahead from the supplier, put these machines through different performance tests. If you find a unit that is easy to operate and has all of the bells and whistles you could possibly need, you may have found a great match. 

Get a Warranty

If you're worried about expensive complications right out of the gate with your pulling unit, then take it upon yourself to purchase a warranty. Then if anything unforeseen happens to your unit that warrants a repair, you can have a contractor come out free of charge.

You won't have to pay a dime as long as you have proof of this warranty. Additionally, you can purchase extended warranties for a little more extra protection.

Pulling units are used on a lot of sites that involve wells, whether they're for oil or water. If you're looking to buy your very own unit, make sure you understand what you're walking into by researching and understanding what factors to put more of an emphasis on.